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E-mail messages asking for channels

Please don't send e-mails asking about channels in the application. Check the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for further information. All e-mails with requests for free IPTV channel packages will be ignored.

Thanks for understanding.


Updated App version 1.8.1 for Android TV & Fire TV devices

  • Display watched video status
  • Referer HTTP header support
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Installation on Android 13+ devices

The application can be installed on Android 13+ devices through Google Play Store only.
It can also only be activated using in-app purchase option.


New app version 3.0.5 for LG webOS 3.0+ TVs (not an update for 2.1.56)

  • Native webOS app code on webOS 3.0+
  • Subtitle track selection is now possible on webOS 3.0+
  • Sort Favourites (A-Z, Z-A, Unsort)
  • Fix for "Application out of memory" when using large playlists
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes due to migration to native webOS app version:

  • Since native webOS apps don't have access to MAC, only device ID is available in the app, but it will be activated automatically after app launch if you activated your TV before. You can use your old MAC to upload playlist.
  • Press EXIT or press and hold BACK button to fully close the app in native webOS app
  • There is no longer a selection of Stream Player Type or HLS Mode, use previously installed 2.1.56 version instead

Possible issues after migrating to native webOS app version:

  • If your channels don't work, try asking your playlist provider for a HLS (M3U8) type of playlist
  • If you have application stuck on loading channel list, try turning off "Add DVB-T/C/S Channels" in app's settings
  • If your playlist is empty after update, try turning your TV from power for ~1 minute or try re-adding your playlist URL

Note! If you want to keep the old application version 2.1.56 in the future on webOS 3.0+ TV, DO NOT remove it.


Tizen TV USB installed app stuck on "Loading" when running VODs/movies

If you have an application installed using USB method stuck at "Loading", when opening VODs (movies) on your TV, just re-download and reinstall the USB app from the application website again or uncheck the "Save online" checkbox when uploading your playlist.


Updated app version 2.1.56 for LG TVs

The app has been reverted back to Netcast emulation mode with the following change:

  • Subtitle track selection is no longer possible on webOS 3.0+
  • Stream Player Type NC Auto is available again in app's settings

There is a separate native webOS app version (not an update) for webOS 3.0+ TVs with subtitle track selection functionality in the LG Content Store.

Note! If you want to keep this application version (2.1.56) in the future on webOS 3.0+ TV, DO NOT remove it.

Check the following instructions on how to install the application on LG Smart TVs.


SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0

Please update the app to version 1.7.1 (187) and restart to avoid issues after SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0

Make sure you Allow the permission for Smart IPTV to make and manage phone calls during first start. This is only needed to get Serial number of your device for the app to register properly on the server.


Firmware update for Amazon Firestick 4K

Please update your Amazon Firestick 4K's firmware (Settings -> My Fire TV -> About -> Check for Updates) to the latest version (all components) to fix the issue of Firestick 4K haning/freezing/losing sound on various streams.

It seems the hardware issue has finally been fixed by Amazon.

You can install the application on your Fire TV by downloading the latest APK from Android instructions page.


Updated app version 3.0.99 for Samsung Tizen TVs

  • Added the option in app's settings to change how frequently you want your playlist updated from URL on each app restart: Auto (every time), Manual (from app only), after 3, 6, 12, 24 hours. This will make your app start faster without re-downloading the playlist. The playlist is reloaded every time your press "0" or long-press "CH" button inside the app
  • Long press "0" or "CH" button to force reload of playlist URL (disable app cache)
  • External EPG support
  • Various bugs fixed
webOS Video Mode

Facebook page unpublished

The official Smart IPTV Facebook page has been unpublished due to many page clones available.
Please consider all other Smart IPTV pages fake from this moment.

Please check the application Support section for Frequently Asked Questions. It will be updated with more FAQs soon.

The official application Facebook page will be published again, when there are important updates available.


Latest firmware update for LG LM series TVs

If you have already updated to firmware update version 04.62.12, please update to firmware version 04.62.13 as soon as possible. It will recover the functionality of the application, which was broken during previous firmware update.

Channel Sorting

Updated app version 2.054 for Samsung E/ES series TVs

Added channel sorting function (A-Z, Z-A).


Audio problems on Samsung J5200 TVs

If you have audio missing problems on this TV model, please update your TV's firmware to version 1116.


Firmware update on Samsung Tizen TVs (J/JU/JS series)

If you have problems with the application crashing on unstable streams after the stream goes into "Buffering..." state or throwing "Retrying 1.. Retrying 2.. Retrying 3.." after opening the channel, try updating your TV's firmware to the latest (1470 or newer) available version (Menu -> Support -> Software Update -> Update Now) or use the official update guide.

If upgrade is not available online, you can also try upgrading the firmware (through USB) by downloading it for specific TV model from your local Samsung support website or by contacting Samsung support. In TV menu there should be an option to install firmware from USB.


Setting video player Play Mode

Video Play Mode

It's now possibile to switch play mode of video files: One video, All videos and Loop all videos by pressing Green button or appropriate icon in the video player infobar. Play next/previous videos by pressing P+/P- buttons. Videos are played in loop inside their corresponding groups


Network video/audio player

Controls: ←/→ (-/+ 30 sec.), ↑/↓ (-/+ 1 min.), ≪/≫ (-/+ 2 min.), Play, Pause, Stop, Aspect, Back, Exit.

RED: change Audio track, GREEN: change play mode, YELLOW: clock, AD./SUBT (Samsung) / BLUE (MAG): change Subtitles language.

Video Player

M3U playlist EPG country priority

On the Mylist page, it's now possible to select EPG country priority for your M3U playlist, so EPG for common channel names (Discovery, Nickelodeon etc.) is selected according to your chosen country priority. This is made to detect the language of EPG for your M3U playlist channels more appropriately.

You can always check how your M3U playlist will appear inside the application on the converter page. Please make custom changes in TXT file if needed.

Please e-mail any irregularities found during conversion (but please analyze them in the converter first), thanks!

Local Playlist

Programme timer

It's now possible to set the timer for any specific programme. When the specific moment comes, the App will switch to the appropriate channel.

You can set the timer by calling the channel schedule (EPG) and pressing the Red button (Set Timer), OK button or by clicking the programme name using Magic Mouse. The timer can only be set for future events.

Set Timer

If there is a timer set for some channel, it will be indicated by red dot in channel list.

Set Timer

Adding DVB channels to IPTV list automatically

You can now add DVB-T/C/S (digital only) channels on your TV. After setting the option to On (when setting this option, switch to DVB mode on your TV beforehand), new group DVB Channels сwill be added consisting of all of your DVB channels, which you can then add to your Favourites list. When set to Off, these channels will be removed. It's also possible to rescan the updated DVB channels list this way.

It's now also possible to check current day's EPG for DVB channels that have not been assigned an external EPG code by pressing Green button or the corresponding Magic Mouse button.

DVB Channels

Video stream mode on webOS LG TVs

On LG TVs with webOS (**LB6** and higher models) the video mode has been changed. Now the app is more responsive, but it needs to be tested against various stream types. So if you notice that something doesn't work after this moment (especially UDP, MMS streams), just change the webOS Video Mode in application settings, it will use the previous video mode.

As it's not supported in webOS natively, when you use alternative audio track, the app will select the old video mode to change the audio track.

Also in webOS, when you use alternative track for video files, the selected language subtitles will be turned on if the video file contains multiple subtitle tracks.

webOS Video Mode

EPG text color change

You can now change the EPG Text color in the settings of the Application. Hold the arrow buttons pressed for quicker rotation of available colors, you can also press and hold the P+/P- keys on your general remote control. Click on the arrows for finer selection of colors.

EPG Text Color Adjustment

Playlist security

It's now possible to select if you want to keep the playlist (or external link) on server or not. Relevant if you have a private playlist with personal access codes.

If you don't want your playlist to be kept on App server, just uncheck the Keep online box. Afterwards, when you run the App, your playlist will be saved in TV's internal memory and at the same time deleted from the App server. Later, your playlist will be taken from TV's memory only and if you upload an updated playlist, it will be updated in TV's memory and removed from the server again.

If you experience any problems with this new feature, just check the Keep online box again and it will be uploaded to the server as earlier. Or just try another browser if it still doesn't work.

Playlist security

Adding Favourites inside the App

You can now add the channels in your list to the "Favourites" group.

Use the Red button on the general remote control to mark the favourite channels

Add favourite channels

Using your Magic Mouse, click on the "favourite" star shown on the left of the channel name

Add favourite channels

Marked channels will appear in the newly created "Favourites" group

Show favourite channels

Inside the "Favourites" group, use the Red button to remove unnecessary channels.

Show favourite channels
Channel History Selection

Previously selected channels history

Previously selected channels are now shown by pressing "0" (also PRE-CH on Samsung) button or "previous channel" button using Magic Mouse. Use remote control or Magic Mouse to navigate through the list. You can also press "0" repeatedly to select the appropriate channel, it will then be selected automatically after a slight delay, there is no need to press "OK" button. Please report any bugs, thanks!


Time change in the App

Time adjustment method is changed in the settings of the App. Please use it, if your TV shows current time incorrectly. Please report any bugs. Thanks!

Time Adjustment

Programme info from channels list

You can now check the programme details from the channel list in play mode by selecting the channel and then pressing the red button (duped on Info button). For "non-magic" remote only for now.

Programme info from channels list

Blue button assignment (Samsung)

In the App settings you can now assign the blue button with Picture Aspect Ratio function. Useful in case you have Smart Remote Control without P.SIZE or TOOLS buttons.

Direct channel groups selection

Switching Groups

Added the option to switch channel Groups by using Left/Right buttons, while scrolling inside the Group list is accomplished using Page+/Page- buttons.

By default, Groups can be switched using Page+/Page- buttons, while scrolling inside Groups is accomplished by Left/Right buttons.

Switching Groups