Smart IPTV on Android TV and Amazon Fire TV devices

Android TV

Installing the app on Android TV devices

Android TV application version is available in the Google Play Store. Follow this link to install the app. If it's not compatible with your device in Google Play, it means your device is not Android TV.

After you select one of your devices and press Install button, the application icon will appear on the TV home screen automatically.

The application can only be activated through In-App Purchase if you install it through Google Play Store in Settings -> Device Info -> Activate.

If you get In-app billing service is unavailable error or want to pay by any other means,
use manual installation described below (Android 12 and older only).

Installation on Android 13+ devices

The application can be installed on Android 13+ devices through Google Play Store only.
It can also only be activated using in-app purchase option.

Installing the app manually on Fire TV or other Android TV devices

You can install the application on your Fire TV or other Android TV device manually by entering in the Downloader app or your device's browser's URL field. You can also follow this guide to sideload applications on Amazon Fire TV devices.

If your device is limiting Downloader app installations, try to follow 8 Ways to Fix Downloader Not Working on Amazon Fire TV Stick for a possible solution. If you still have difficulties installing and using the app, please follow the FirestickTricks in-depth tutorial.

Check this video guide on how to move the application icon to the Home screen if it is hidden.

If you installed the app from Amazon Apps store before, try installing the app from Purchased items of your Amazon account first, then manually update it with the latest version.

You can update the App using Settings -> Application Update or by manually installing the new version on top.

On Android 10/11/12 devices make sure you select Use Device Mac instead of Use Randomized MAC in your device's WiFi network settings (if you are using WiFi connection) Privacy section to avoid getting new MAC address each time you reconnect/restart the device.

Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Select Network -> Privacy -> Use Device MAC

Media playback

Please check Media formats and codecs, supported by Android platform. If your stream doesn't work in the app directly, it means it is not supported by native Android codecs, so you will have to use external app (check remote control commands below), which does. You can also use Audio Decoder Fix in App's settings to fix various issues with audio playback on uncertified Android devices.

Loading your own playlist

The application does not include any channels, it is only a tool to watch your IPTV streams.
You can load your own IPTV playlist by following these instructions in the playlist upload section.

Remote Control functions

General remote functions:
NVIDIA Shield Game Controller:

Lock Device's MAC/ID

You can lock your MAC/ID in application settings by using the Lock MAC/ID option to avoid your playlist being reset by somebody else or if you shared your MAC/ID with some third party.

If you want to remove the PIN, just use 0000 when locking MAC/ID again.

Setting User-agent and HTTP-referer properties

You can use User-agent and HTTP-Referer property in your playlist if your provider requires it. See usage below.

#EXTINF:0 user-agent="User Agent", referer="Referer", My Channel
#EXTINF:0,My Channel
http://channel_URL|User-agent=User Agent
#EXTINF:0,My Channel
#EXTINF:0,My Channel
epgCode,Channel Name,http://channel_URL|User-agent=User Agent
epgCode,Channel Name,http://channel_URL|user-agent:User Agent
epgCode,Channel Name,http://channel_URL|Referer:Referer
epgCode,Channel Name,http://channel_URL|Referrer:Referrer


2024-03-11 v1.8.2
2024-02-05 v1.8.1
2023-09-10 v1.8
2023-01-09 v1.7.9
2021-11-22 v1.7.8
2021-03-12 v1.7.7
2021-01-11 v1.7.6
2020-11-26 v1.7.5
2019-11-12 v1.7.2
2019-01-07 v1.7

New application settings added:

2018-06-24 v1.6.10
2018-06-15 v1.6.9
2018-06-01 v1.6.8
2018-04-04 v1.6.7
2018-01-17 v1.6.6
2017-08-14 v1.6.5
2017-08-14 v1.6.4
2017-07-05 v1.6.3
2017-06-05 v1.6.2
2017-05-17 v1.6.1
2017-05-14 v1.6
2017-04-03 v1.5.1
2017-03-18 v1.5
2017-02-13 v1.4.4
2017-02-08 v1.4.2
2017-02-07 v1.4
2016-12-10 v1.3
2016-11-27 v1.2.3